What is a CNE designation? CNE stands for Certified Negotiation Expert. For a Real Estate agent to earn this designation, they must go through a rigorous training process that ensures their skill in negotiations.

Less than 5% of real estate agents in the United States have a CNE certification.

Here are some of the reasons why a CNE certified real estate agent can be useful.

  • A CNE certified agent can accurately and thoroughly evaluate the conditions of the housing market with a clear purpose of checking prices and neighborhoods.
  • CNE agents can better understand the needs of the consumer. The training the agents undergo prepares them to better analyze what the consumer is looking for which in turn can help them negotiate more effectively.
  • Having background knowledge of the market and the consumer allows these agents to set up a clear negotiating strategy that accommodates the consumer’s budget and their commitment to buying the home.
    • This strategy often consists of a sit-down between the agent and the consumer to provide a clear picture of how the negotiations will take place. The most important aspect of this sit-down is figuring out exactly how much the consumer is willing to pay for the property.
    • The CNE real estate agents use collaborative negotiation to reach a positive outcome for their clients.

All in all, consumers want an agent that can do more than be a carrier pigeon. Consumers want to place their trust in someone that can handle the negotiations and strategize effectively to give them the best deal possible. Having the CNE certification means the agent has received the proper instruction for dealing with negotiations and can be the instrument for your success.

Find an agent with a CNE designation. You won’t regret it. 

Ryan Modi with Pattern Realty has the CNE designation. He is working on getting MCNE (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) designation.

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